The corrugation plant Eurowell began production in Spring 2007. The production site today is the largest and most modern one of its time. The production facilities cover an
area of more than 22,000 m2 (236,000 ft2) and with an
annual output of 250 Mio. m2 (2,690 Mio. ft2) it is also
one of the largest corrugation plants world wide.

Corrugated paper, single, double and triple layer in
different corrugated profiles and combinations can be
bought at Eurowell. The maximum format size ranges
from 2,450 mm x 5,500 mm to 3,310 mm x 2,450 mm
(96.45 in x 216.53 in / 130.31 in x 96.45 in)

Eurowell is a subsidiary company of the Palm Packaging Group, which together with the Palm Paper Mill, is owned
and managed by Dr. Wolfgang Palm

We are a company which places great emphasis on long term and fair relationship with its employees, customers and partners. We believe people are the most important aspect of our company.
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