Technical data (as of March 2019)


  Wörth Zorbau
Corrugator width  3.350 mm 2.800 mm  
Minimum order quantity (Standard Quality) 200 QM - orders with quantities of less then 200 qm, the amount will be increased to the minimum quantity automatically

special quality products

7000 QM

open corrugated cardboard

4000 QM


standard quality

special quality products

open corrugated cardboard




Stack height (incl. pallet) min.

1.200 mm
2.000 mm

Palletising with equal quantities can not usually be realised

Format size  width     chop length  width        chop length
 one-/twocorrugated                    min.    280          500    280             550
 AC and AAC                              min.    350          800      -                  -
aforementioned wave types       max.  2.450       5.500  2.400          4.000

aforementioned wave types or   max.

 3.310       2.450  2.760          2.400
  minimum pallet heigh 500 mm  




Number of flutes available  max. 30 (3-Point-Profile) max. 42 (3-Point-Profile)
Creasing clearance 2 distance of flute a row min. 57 mm 1. on 3 flutes min. 72 mm
Creasing profile

3 -Point, 5-Point and head on flat

Measure precision:

+/- 1 mm pro Meter
+/- 2 mm
+/- 2 mm

DB-Euro-Pallets 1.200x800x144 mm immediate exchange
one way pallets 1.200x800x130 mm)

Special pallets on request (only for Zorbau)

Strapping third Party logistics parnter(vie truck)
Formats with tear Strip yes no




DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 yes no
DIN EN ISO 22000 yes no
DIN EN ISO 14001 yes no
OHSAS 18001 yes no
DIN EN ISO 50001: 2011 yes yes
FSC yes yes

Important notice:

Differences between delivery note and actual delivered quantity of 1 % are due to the technical re- strains and are there for not liable to refunds.
Furthermore, the top and bottom formats on a pallete of each pile are accounted for in quantity and price.

In case of changes in the raw material or for logistical reasons Eurowell reserves the right to produce a different but comparable paper composition. This procedure is based on compliance with technical specs and requirements of our standard grades, surface weight of single paper weight may vary. 

Our corrugated boear formats are suitable for fry, non-greasing Food. However, we recommend that food shall only be packed with a suitable intermediate packaging.

Our standard grade EW 2.93 ACn is suitable for overseas shipments.

To guarantee a good processing quality, we recommend the following conditions for storage: Temperature approx. 23 degrees and air-humidity of approx. 50 %.


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